Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Family Near Death Experience that's a stretch. Last night we had a really bad storm come through our town. I said to Erik, "It looks all green outside - sign of tornado weather." I have no idea where exactly that theory comes from except to say that I remember knowing that as a kid in Illinois. A minute later we start hearing a siren going off and I turned on the radio which said that there was lots of rotation in Daytona Beach and Holly Hill. So all four of us went and hung out in our hallway and had a little tornado "drill" for a good 10 minutes. Seems kind of silly now, but it was a bit scary.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Need....

Jael's latest thing is that she "needs" everything. Here are just a few...

"I need to go outside."
"I need a cheese crisp."
"I need to go to church."
"I need to go that way." - This one is said while in the car or stroller.
Today at Jess's house it was, "I need Veggie Tales."

Another cute thing is that yesterday I was walking into the living room and tripped into the tv making a loud noise. Jael was in the other room with her dad and calls out, "Are you ok mommy?" And I said yes. Then she says, "Do you need some help?" Haha! So cute and so sweet. She is getting so verbal and creative - it's so much fun!

Here is a picture just for fun.