Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm baaaaaack....

Hopefully. My bestie Karen has inspired me to start blogging again.

Little Erik left this morning after a shortened summer visit. It was great to have him here again - though it truly always leaves a void for us in our home after he goes. Jael said tonight in the car as she looked at Erik's seat between her and Heidi's car seats (all 8 inches), "Why Erik not in his seat?" And I told her that he went bye-bye to Kentucky and that we won't see him for awhile and she says with a pouty face, "Yeah, we're gonna miss him." It was so sweet. This is probably the first year where she is really understanding what is going on. Today she spent the day at Auntie's house (where she spends every Thursday)so I don't think the reality of it has quite hit her.

Speaking of my kids...haha. Tonight Erik and I went to Publix to pick up some food for Bible study. We usually always go to Wal-Mart but we decided for a more relaxing shopping experience since we only had to get one thing. Jael quickly spotted their race car carts and the girls had so much fun in them. Heidi just sat there moving the wheel back and forth really fast and smiling huge. Everytime we went near the checkout aisles she would squeel in delight at the sight of all the balloons they had displayed. Seriously, with as much fun as she was having you would have thought we were at an amusement park. I'm definitely going to have to remember that one. One last Publix story and then I'm going to bed. As we were checking out Jael asked our cashier what her name was...the cashier was very friendly and replied to her and asked her what her name was. Then Jael spotted her fingernail polish and asked her if she had nail polish on and she said yes. And then Jael looks towards the cashiers feet and asks her if her toes were painted and she said yes. As I type that it seems so trivial and ordinary, but it was so cute to see her engaging this woman in coversation all on her own. I also think its interesting that she notices stuff like fingernail polish...she is so her Auntie's niece. I hardly wear the stuff myself.

I will try and post some pictures and a GREAT video and Jael, Millie, and little E from last night in the next day or two. Erik cancelled our internet so now I'm going to have to get creative to blog or do anything online.