Friday, September 11, 2009

And back again...

I feel like I should blog, but don't really have anything major to report. Jael is doing great...feeling great. We spent the evening over at our friends house tonight and they have three older girls. Both Jael and Heidi had such a great time. It makes my heart so happy to see Jael just having fun. Not being nervous, shy, sad, reserved, demanding. All these mostly new things about her. Well maybe not new, but they went from being rare to being the norm. But tonight she shined. She played and laughed and left there lighter on her feet than when we arrived. Thank you Olivia, Bailey, and Lindsey for loving my girls tonight.

Tomorrow a friend of mine, Jenna, is blessing us with her great photography skills. She is coming to our house tomorrow to take pictures of the girls. I really want to capture this time with some good photographs, not just my snapshots. Really looking forward to it. Then we are going to the Rainbow park with Grandma Jan, Trinity, Millie, and Gracie! Should be a great day. :-)

My chest is starting to tighten up at the thought of Monday coming. Cycle two of Jael's chemo starts on Monday. We have to arrive at 9 a.m. for her to get a hearing test (one of her medicines can affect hearing) and a battery of other tests just to keep an eye on her. Then she will be reattached to her un-friend the IV pole for at least 3 days, if not 4. And the anti-nausea regimen will make my little angel agitated, hostile, drowsy, and just plain not herself. I'm sorry. I guess I'm having a little pity party. I just hate that this normalcy will be wripped out of her grasp in just two days. God give my baby peace in her heart and understanding parents. Please God let her handle this chemo as well as she handled the last.

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